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Monday, Apr. 07, 2003 - 8:16 a.m.

Does anyone know how I can get into my fotolog? I do not know the password, and I have written an email to the administrator, with no response. Maybe I am missing the address, or link I need to use. I have some pics I would like to upload, and I cannot access without the password.

It is snowing so hard right now I am glad I am inside. We are supposed to get up to eight inches today. That concludes the weather portion. I hate snow. I almost never say hate. I hate cold weather too. I still almost never say hate.

My schedule has been upped from twelve to fourteen days a week. HELP. haha ok the only way anyone can help is offer me a job with less hours and more money.

I know some come here and read. I apologize for luring you here with an update. It is not my intention. Other than this paragraph, this entire entry was just for my personal records. I know I don't have to apologize for what I write in here. I did any way. So there. :)

ps. I just re read this entry. I forgot I asked about the fotolog thing. I am sure it is time to sleep.

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