All that you are. Please be that. Just like you are real.
Sunday, Mar. 16, 2003 - 1:40 a.m.

She said she was hmm well she said something like she was hmm tired. Yes, she said she was tired. And she said when she was tired she could be insanely bitchy.

I believe his first thought was how good to get something like that off your chest. How nice that you could feel comfortable enough to say that. Or just too tired to care.

It seems as if there was a little time passed in silence. Waiting for the usual complaints, and justifications, and defensiveness? Or just too tired to say more?

Does it matter which is the case? Does it have to be explained?

An explanation could help in learning the causes of a thing. That is a good thing. An explanation to say why a person should be allowed to be who they are? That would be a terrible price to pay.

If you have to be happy when you are around me, then when did I become so important that you dare not be just what you are at a given time?

What other parts of you do you have to abandon to satisfy my desires? To what ends and depths do you need to become what you are not?

What in a person's past can make them so automatically abandon an honest look at where they are, and what they are living?

How easy would it be to abandon and invalidate your true feelings just to satisfy a petty and shallow lust of another for a pseudo contentment. An illusion of satisfaction that leaves two people living a life of bondage to an ideal crafted by who?

Ahh to interact with a real person instead of a shell filled with illusions born in my imagination.

If I care, if I love, then I say....when you have poison of any kind inside, spit it out. Don't hold it in just to be sure that none of it spills onto me.

I have no desire to know the person you imagine I want you to be. I could never make a person from my imagination as wonderful as the real person you are.

I can be not so pleasant at times she said.

Make yourself at home, be all that you are and not a bit less, is what he thought.

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