Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2003 - 5:54 a.m.

I spent a long time cutting and pasting, and changed almost all of the comments in my profile for my favorites.

I even managed to call one young lady a he. I think I have it all fixed now. If you are on that list, and you see an error, like I gave you a sex change, or called you Harry instead of Sally, please let me know.

Not everyone knows I am off my rocker, and I would like to keep that a secret as much as possible.

If I remember right, I may have even added a couple of favorite entries. I took one more night off from work, and have managed not to use up all of my paid vacation days until this late into the year.

I don't think I will go far from home on vacation this year, so if anyone has feared me as a stalker, no worries.

Unless you live within a hundred or so miles of Battle Creek, Michigan.

I must update my stalkee list to reflect my days available. A mildly disturbed, Canadian type person made a foto log for me. When she can lead me by my hand to it, and I scan some fotos, I will post them in there.

The mildly disturbed Canadian remark was just a lame attempt at humor. I shall lavish her with links, and more thanks when I get my first foto in it. What a nice present that was. I would imagine when I post some pics, my love notes should taper off nicely.

Just so they are not replaced with sympathy notes, I will not mind.

Very cool, I am going to bed early today/nite. Does anyone know how to remove the numbers above my head in my prison pics?

I go now with visions of an angel in my head. Should make for some pleasant dreams.

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