Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2003 - 6:49 p.m.

Sometimes a little im, or email can just make worries go away. Sometimes they can just be silly.

I just don't think I could be much happier than I am right now. It is funny...the people who know me outside of the internet usually think I am very strong, and tough.

It isn't that I am trying to pretend that I am something that I am not to them. I just don't tell them that sometimes I am not all that tough at times.

In here, I hold almost nothing back, and think I come across as being quite weak and fearful. Maybe I express things in cyber world that I hide more in that other world. I never thought about it until very recently.

I am a lot weaker than some people know. I am a lot stronger than some people know. Either way, I am just me, and I am not hiding much of me from anyone in here.

I thought at first I was making a diary here to make some friends. Forsight has never been one of my greatest strengths. I am making friends with me through this, and I am glad that is happening in my lifetime.

I was not even aware that I was not that close. Maybe that will make me a better friend to others.

Children often think about who and what they are without all of the strings that adulthood will attach to their hearts all too soon. Viewing life through the eyes of a child, a vision of discovery may be quite under rated. Maybe in some ways, I grew up too soon for my own good.

Adulthood, and maturity seem often to be defined by predjudices, and preconceptions that are missing in a young child. If being mature means being jaded in my view of the world as a means of self protection. I think I prefer the immaturity of the young, to the hesitancy to be accepting of the mature. A child can be so much braver than an adult.

I love you. If you wonder who I am talking to when I say that, I am probably talking to someone else. If you do know, then you know that I know you love me too.

Be careful what you ask for. You never know, you may just get it.

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