What do you remember?
Saturday, Feb. 22, 2003 - 6:41 p.m.

A short man, wearing jeans and a shirt without pockets stayed in a blue room at motel 6. He had with him 8 pieces of luggage

If I were to realize that what I considered a memory of the past was nothing more than a figment of my imagination, I wonder how many of my memories I would then mistrust.

I also wonder if someone else was to realize that a memory I believe to be true was not, would they tell me? Or would they begin to mistrust my memories, or my word?

I have been reading about false memories and how the researchers believe they are formed. In an experiment, a group of people were gathered in a room.

Then a small number of people entered and left the room unannounced. Immediately afterwards the group was asked several questions about those that had entered the room.

There was quite a large disparity in descriptions of the people who entered regarding their looks and what they were wearing, and what actions they took.

And this was all done within a matter of minutes without time passing to corrupt any memories. It was the contention of the researchers that false memories had been formed by the subjects tested.

The reasons why are varied. Many have to do with perception, perspective, prejudice, and preoccupation with other tasks at hand.

I began this entry with how many sentences about an event that ocurred? There were ten pertinent facts given in those sentences. So anyone reading this would have 12 chances to remember facts. Without looking, how many of the 12 do YOU remember?

Just wondering....

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