Are rock stars all that curious?
Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2003 - 8:01 p.m.

An occasion for which I waited two or three minutes has just occurred. I had to make note of it by making this entry with the date and time stamp on it.

I know this can be an inconvenience for anyone not knowing what the occasion is. I apologise for that. Nevertheless, there you have it.

I just cannot say more about it now, and actually have said more than necessary to document.

Why do they say that curiosity killed the cat? Is this an attempt to limit imagination? Is it only a means of protecting privacy? And how about whoever said that satisfaction brought it back?

Now I am curious as to whether curiosity and satisfaction have anything to do with death and life. If I were a rock star, someone could use that last sentence as an excuse to commit suicide I suppose. Just another reason in a list of many that I am glad not to be a rock star.

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