Feeling healthier
Thursday, Feb. 13, 2003 - 9:04 a.m.

Oh say now, what I wrote yesterday about my nails and all....I was not feeling down, I just did not express myself well there.

I mean I have heard what pms is like before. And I think I am experiencing most of those symptoms. Haha. It is probably withdrawal from the nasty poisons I have put in my body for so long.

Actually, I was smiling while I wrote most of that last night. So to whom it may concern, though I better stick to something other than comedy in this diary, I have not given in, and am starting to notice some changes in my senses already.

It seems as if I have more energy than I have had in awhile. I wonder if that is because oxygen can actually reach my brain, and heart, and muscles.

And I can smell things that I had not noticed before.

And I can go from happy to sad and back to happy again in less than sixty seconds. Haha. Well whatever the cost, I know it is temporary, and my eyes are fixed on the free ground outside of this self inflicted slavery.

Ok, that is enough. If I have not made it clear that I am ok, and even winning I don't know how to project that other than saying it right here.

I am happy, and I appreciate the patience of those who are my back up when I want to slip Haha.

That's enough, I am going to sleep.

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