Thursday, Jan. 16, 2003 - 11:54 a.m.

Ok, I just realized that I never said anything about my sister in this diary.

She is not my blood sister, and I am tired enough right now not to remember how it started.

Her name is Jenn. Her diary is wildfire. She is about as funny as anyone on dland check out her diary and see for yourself. If you happen on something that is not all that funny, then excuse her for being like part human or something.

I will warn you about her though. She sometimes lies in her diary. Like about not being a hottie. Or little things like that. If she wasn't my sister, and I was about 75 years younger. Oh boy.

That is just superficial stuff about her though. Even though the only live webcam I have ever seen is hers, and if you ever have the priveledge, have her smile at you. It won't take much. And it is a smile you probably won't forget either.

I can see it now, even though only in my mind. And the expressions she makes will just make you laugh out loud. I know a smile is an outer thing. Isn't it kind of a reflection of something going on inside though.

She has a shi##y job. LOL She has two really cute kids. She lives in.......censored so you sick stalkers who see her pics on her site can't find her. lol

She might not be my real sister, though she is what a sister would be if one could be designed from scratch.

She is intelligent. She is funny. She is thoughtful. She is just a good person. Even though she is going to kill me for writing all this. Ah sibling strife, the spice of family life.

So why am I writing all this about her? Well, it is not because I have a crush on her or anything. Hey, what kind of sicko do you think I am? This is my sister. OK ?

I am writing all this because I have never even mentioned her in here before, and just hogged her all to myself. Ok, not on purpose. She is too priceless to keep a secret, so I am sharing.

Go to her diary, and take a peek. Tell her hello. I don't care if you tell her I sent you. She reads my diary anyway, every word so she will see this and there will be hell to pay. I am so skeered sis. lol

If you don't like what you see, tell her she sux. If you do tell her.

That is all. Now go. Here.

Love you sis. -your bro

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