Friday, Jan. 17, 2003 - 10:01 a.m.

Spend all your time waiting

for that second chance

for a break that would make it okay

there's always one reason

to feel not good enough

and it's hard at the end of the day

I need some distraction

in the arms of an angel

fly away from here

from this dark cold hotel room

and the endlessness that you fear

you are pulled from the wreckage

of your silent reverie

you're in the arms of the angel

may you find some comfort there

sarah mclachlan - Angel

Dear Tom,

I was so surprised when I talked to your brother Chuck, where I worked. I never really noticed him much there. He seemed pleasant enough. If he had not started dating Ginger, I might have never talked to him. And then there it was right on his security badge, the same last name as yours. I just could not believe it when I asked him if her knew you, and he said you were his older brother.

I told him that you and I had gone to school together, and you rode my bus, and we were friends. I told him that we had not seen or heard from each other since we had joined the service. I told him I had lost track of everyone I ever knew, and where is big brother Tom?

He told me that you were living in the U.P. with your mother, and taking care of her as she was 90 yrs old, and did not have much time left in this world.

I laughed and thought yes, that is Tom. You never were a big jock in school, and never one to make much of a fuss of yourself. Just a genuine, nice young man, and a friend, that cared for others. And sure enough, here you were still at that after these thirty some odd years.

That was a week ago or so, Tom. I meant to get hold of you soon, and relive some old times, and set up a get together between us. I am sorry I did not act on that sooner.

With tears in her eyes, Ginger came to me wednesday night, and told me that you had a stroke, and had died suddenly. I asked her about your brother Chuck, and your Mom. She told me that Chuck was taking it pretty hard, and he had gone up north to take care of you, and your mom.

I thought about you a lot over the next 24 hours, and the time we had done different goofy things that boys do when they are turning into men.

I will miss you, Tom. I cried some about you. And then I picked up, and knew I had to come back to the land of the living, Tom.

Well, last night, Ginger came to me again, at work, and gave me the news. She told me that your mother had had a heart attack last night, and several strokes. Chuck is with her right now, as I write this too late letter, Tom.

She has moments when she is conscious, and she knows who Chuck is, and that he is there with her. She will be joining you soon, Tom. The doctors are keeping her medicated so she is not in too much pain. Soon the only pain will be in the hearts of those who remain, Tom. Chuck will be ok. Life will go on. Ginger is ok, too. And so am I. Ginger and I just stood in the aisles, and hugged last night in silence and tears. You would have loved her Tom. She will be there for your brother, to comfort him. And he will be there, to comfort her. I take comfort in the memories of young men, setting out in the world, Tom. Good bye my old friend. You take comfort in the arms of an angel.


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