Sometimes it's all about y0u.
Saturday, Jun. 21, 2003 - 4:14 p.m.

Do you tell so many lies that you believe everyone does?

Are you living such a lie that you believe everyone is?

Are you so unstable that you think everyone is?

Are you so self centered that you don't recognize kindness?

Have you so little to do with your life that you find time only to judge the lives of others?

Do you want to punish anyone who will not fit in the box you have made for them?

Are you so disloyal that you don't believe in loyalty?

Is this what you wanted to hear?

Or is your mirror a little out of focus?

Do you turn all your assumptions into beliefs?

Could you be wrong?

Are you just paranoid?

Does the world revolve around you?

Is this really about you? . You will write about me again won't you? How hard is it to direct your actions? I find it kind of easy.

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