I will be glad when this is over.
Tuesday, Apr. 08, 2003 - 9:15 p.m.

Every night I see the empty spots where the A-10 tank hunters sat. I think of the pilots who fly them, and miss hearing them in the skies over my home. Though one of them was shot down today, at least the pilot was picked up south of Baghdad, and will be able to come home.

It will be a happy day when I get to see them fly back in. It was a day of apprehension when I saw them leave. I saw pictures of another one of them with a big hole in the engine. The word Battle has been demolished, though the word Creek is still clearly visible. I suppose that is enough said about all of that.

I pray the two pilots of the F-15 do not fall into the hands of the Iraquis. There are so many victims on both sides, and as usual they have little say in this conflict.

Yeah, I am writing about a war here. It is kinda close to home sometimes. Enough of that for me though. I don't really like making many comments about current events outside of my life that is.

Oddly enough, I look forward to going to work tonight. I should take a picture of that. I must go now.

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