Friday, Jan. 17, 2003 - 4:44 p.m.

I wasn't thinking about dland people reading the last entry I made. I put it there to say good bye I guess. I also put it there because of Chuck and Ginger.

It is like meant to be a sort of well I am at a loss for words. Eulogy which I don't know the definition of. Tribute? What ever it should be called.

I checked my gb, and notes, and I am too tired to answer anyone personally right now. I just want to say I am fine. Sure I cried some last night, I think it is a good thing to mourn some.

I need to go back to sleep for a little, though I see a lot of sympathy for me from folks in my gb and notes. I really appreciate the thought behind that. I appreciate you guys, and I want you to know that I have laughed, and smiled since I wrote that last entry.

Tom and I were not like the best buds that hung out all the time. We were friends, and having not talked for over thirty years, we were obviously not close.

So I guess I wrote it more for myself, and Ginger who is my wonderful supervisor where I work, and for Chuck. That is where most of my thoughts are focused on them. And they will be fine too.

It probably just made me think a lot more about it because of the stroke irony, and the fact that I have lost touch with my past.

As I said in a previous entry, I am probably a lot stronger than I appear in here. This diary is an outlet sometimes for my more tender side. And I don't want anyone worrying about me, even though it is great to feel that kind of love from people who for the most part don't even really know me.

It does certainly strengthen my belief that there is a lot of goodness in peoples hearts.

So if anyone is worried, spend that energy on some flesh and blood that is close to you. And tell them they are loved, cause you never know when the time may come that you cannot do that.

That is the real lesson I have learned through all this. It is not meant as a lesson to others.

I am rambling, because I need a little more sleep. So I will sum up my intentions in this entry and solve that problem as I have promised myself, and some others that I will take care of myself.

I am emotionally quite strong about Tom's death.

I appreciate everyone who cares enough to think of my well being.

I love you guys.

I am going to sleep. hehe

The tone of this entry is meant to be one of thoughtfulness, no matter what it may sound like to you.

*HUGS* -Dave, or Mr.hehe alien. nite.

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