Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2003 - 12:07 p.m.

I smoke. I have for a long time. Actually I don't smoke, the cigarette does. I am just the sucker on the end.

I am going to stop. I am going to do it in two weeks. My doctor started me on some pills, and told me to smoke for the next two weeks and then just stop.

I laughed and told him that I usually don't enjoy smoking though I think I will for the next two weeks. It is the first time I have done it as a prescription from an MD.

I have an awful lot of things I want to say in here, and usually it is hard for me to pick. I can't think of many of them right now. Maybe I should have carpe'd my diem.

Speaking of diem carps, I got invited to be reviewed again. So here are MY rules for review. If you would like to review my diary, you must provide a link to it from your site. I consider this a good faith gesture that you will actually read what I have to write.

Also I will not request a review from you, and you don't have to request one from me.

And my last rule is that you don't really have to link me to review.

The invitation for the review was left in my notes. I thought it was kind of ironic that it sat at the top of all the reviews that really matter to me.

So feel free if you want to review. You don't even have to ask my permission.

I have been reviewed once, and it is in my stuff link. I have no trouble with that review at all. Even though I found two errors in the review. The thing is that I have become friends with Sara who reviewed me. She is important to me.

Here is an invitation or answer to anyone who might be interested in reviewing me or my diary.

With the exception of the fact that Sara is a friend of mine now, since her review of my diary, I will let ms-ashlynn's words speak for me on this matter. I couldn't have said it better than she did.


ps. I am getting a new layout and you are not. LOL

Happy birthday bran.

Happy birthday Vikki

Sara, sorry for your loss.


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