It's not losing a smoke, it's gaining SPK
Sunday, Feb. 09, 2003 - 8:23 p.m.

I almost did not make an entry in here today. That would have been the first time I ever missed.

I have now made it one day without a nasty habit. I quit smoking last night, and it seems very difficult at this point.

So it is a good thing that I am losing the habit, if it has that much power over me.

I wish I had done this sooner. I hate to think how much money I have spent on something so disgusting.

Oh, and if anyone reading this is thinking of congratulating me, maybe you better wait, I think I am now addicted to Sour Patch Kids.

I am writing about this in here because it makes it public, and I have more incentive to not slip.

It is not that hard to quit emotionally. I am hardly on edge at all. DOES ANYONE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT? Ok maybe a little on edge. haha.

Enough of this. Let's see, red followed by yellow followed by green. Since I am in this state I am in, even the orange will do, though they are almost tasteless.

The colors? Sour Patch Kids of course. Pay attention. Just kidding I am not that on edge.


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