No one had to tell me that.
Sunday, Mar. 23, 2003 - 8:08 p.m.

What if I could change the world?

Would I run it better than I run my life?

The oldest memory I have is one of me on a beach with a bottle of seven-up. I found a picture of that one time, and I know it was at Pensacola, Florida because someone told me it was.

My skin was very dark. I must have spent a lot of time outside. Oh, and I was not quite five years old in the picture, and I only know that because someone told me so.

I no longer have the picture. Well I do have it. In my mind. I don't remember the first time I saw the picture. I only remember how cold the bottle was on my bare belly. And it was windy. And my Mom was taking my picture.

I don't remember anything else about that day.

I know I did not know there was anything uglier in life than red ant bites that day.

I had not learned yet that it is acceptable to dislike people just because they do not think like me.

I knew nothing of betrayal and distrust. I had not learned that things worth having come with a price.

I did not know then that people could see people in trouble and turn their backs and walk away.

I was not aware that my mother was going to die. Or my brother, or the people I would go to school with.

I did not know that a person could have their bones broken and their skin burned, and that scars would mark the spots where injuries were inflicted.

I didn't know that some scars were invisible, yet still marking spots that were harmed.

Sometimes I wish I could be that little boy on that beach with that seven up bottle.

But only if I did not know what I know now.

And no one had to tell me that.

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