This is just a dream. I am not writing.
Thursday, May. 08, 2003 - 11:00 a.m.

Mat thias, that was an awfully nice thing you said. Thank you.

Shorts101 I think I spelled that wrong. Sorry. I am glad you feel that way. I always make me think too. I hope you get more out of your thinking than I get out of mine.

Dear Diary,

I am still alive, and not really better though I guess I am on my way to it.

Still doing biopsy not autopsy, so I am here.

I have to have three more surgeries in the next eight days.

Sorry I haven't written. These words do not look real to me. So if I have made any of them up, then coin a word or phrase have I.

Whoa, that is not english sentence structure.

The words are though, yo pienso.

Laughing gas really is.

I don't like hospitals.

Voy a escribir. Estuve dormiendo, y pense...

Que mosca te ha picado?

Al fin...

the end


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