Stretching the mind with numbers.
Wednesday, Apr. 02, 2003 - 6:54 p.m. and 32 seconds

I could not help but notice that my last six entries in my gb can be categorized in the following manner...

the time...

6 occurs 2 times

3 occurs 6 times

2 at 2 after the hour

1 at 3 after the hour

1 at 25 after the hour

2 at 26 after the hour

the date...

2 on the first

4 on the second

Do I detect a pattern here?

If the pattern continues, I wonder what numbers will be in the next entry's time and date.

If I counted April as 4 which I did not,

4 will be in it 2 might be in it.

Maybe I should just keep this to myself.

1 ten two four get sum times for no single reason I can put my digits on.

Maybe my days are numbered.

So are yours.

You can count on it.

Ok I am awake now.

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